AdFinity Review

Adfinity is a New York based company with a global online presence. They have a team of publisher managers that strive to get you qualified leads as well as advertising that is very well matched to your site so that you turn your site into a money making machine. The qualified leads will help you make money online as well. No matter how you look at it Adfinity is a great way to solve your publisher and advertising needs and to put money in your pocket.

Here are just a few things that Adfinity offers to maximize your earnings:

  • Offer access to large publishers
  • You only pay for results
  • 24/7 support from willing staff
  • Control where your ads are shown
  • Banner ads, e-mail, search engine and network sites as ways of marketing
  • Boast highest payouts in the industry for publishers
  • No tolerance for phishing or spam

As an advertiser it is nice to have a company that doesn’t charge you to run ads. They get paid on a cost-per-action basis. For publishers that want to start making money now this is a great way to do it.

May we recommend also Pay Per Click to add revenue to your site? You will not be disappointed.

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