Affiliate Software

It can be hard to know which affiliate program software you may need to fit your needs. Here we will discuss a few of the companies out there, the pricing and the features. Hopefully this will help take the guess work out of this decision.

My Affiliate Program – This affiliate program has been helping affiliates for many years. They know what you need and they have the products to help you. The have state of the art technology to track your affiliate program. The set up fee is about $2500 and then you pay a monthly fee based on the amount of conversions the software tracks.

Groundbreak Ultimate Affiliate – Groundbreak Ultimate Affiliate has solutions for every web based need that you have. It will track links and link saturation or they have software to manage your memberships on your web space and they also have complete affiliate tracking software. The software allows you to be in control of most features and is so versatile. You will not be sorry if you need software and choose Groundbreak Ultimate Affiliate!

Soft Service Affiliate Pro – Soft Service Affiliate Pro is a truly globally minded company. Their software lets you convert information into any language. They also give many options as to how affiliates get paid whether it is pay per click or pay per sale and so on. The features are amazing and the price is affordable. Very hard to find a deal as good as they offer.

These are just a few of the companies that offer outstanding affiliate software. Take a look at each one, compare and see if they can’t meet your expectations in an affiliate software program.

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