Commission Junction Review

Commission Junction is an affiliate marketing company that is part of the ValueClick company. Since the company began in 1998 they have become a global presence and have raised the bar for affiliate marketing companies.

Commission Junction works for both parties to create a great online experience. Advertisers sign up with them to have their ads placed on appropriate sites. CJ takes pride in making sure that publishers and advertisers match up so that the results are there for both sides. Only after there is a sale or a finished deal does the publisher get paid. This means it is very important to get the ads on the right web sites or there will not be results.

How Commission Junction works it when an ad is placed on a publisher’s website, someone clicks on the ad. A cookie is then put in place that keeps track of the publisher, the advertiser, and other information so that when a sale goes through or someone signs up for a service they can track everything. This is wonderful for both the advertiser and publisher because the work is already done for them.

Commission Junction has now been a leader in the affiliate network industry for 10 years. They are a trusted name and a company that publishers and advertisers alike trust with their business. They are very customer service oriented and will help you succeed online!

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