Credit Card Affiliate Programs

As far as affiliate programs go, credit card affiliates get paid some of the highest pay outs in the industry. With that said you must understand that this is a highly competitive business and to success at offering credit card offers to your website visitors you need to be careful about how you proceed. We will discuss in this post some of the things you need to be careful of in order to succeed as a credit card affiliate.

  • Update your information often. This is not an industry that you could put up your affiliate code and just ignore your site for a few months. Credit card companies are constantly putting out new ad campaigns and you need to keep up. You do not want to have your competition to have more current ads than you. You also need to make sure that the way you word things are exactly right so revisit the legal section of your agreement with your advertiser.
  • Be picky. Don’t just advertise for any credit card affiliate program. There are so many companies and some may go through several affiliate programs. Be sure to do your homework so that you go through a network with the best ad campaigns and the best pay outs.
  • Qualified leads? This is key in the credit card business because if you are offering something like a low APR credit card the advertiser will probably expect your visitor to fill out an application and have it approved before you get paid. Therefore, you want to be sure you have visitors who are qualified for the offers. To do this you need to give a lot of education about different types of cards. Talk about what cards are right for which customers: student credit cards, low APR credit cards, credit cards with reward programs, etc.
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