LinkShare Review

LinkShare Corporation specializes in offering ecommerce businesses online marketing services. These services include SEM (Search Marketing), lead generation and affiliate marketing. They have state of the art patented technology and expert consultation services to help your company succeed. The combination of services offered at LinkShare help merchants and advertisers increase their revenues and traffic. A few of LinkShare’s customers are: 1-800-FLOWERS, American Express, JC Penny, and Avon. LinkShare has been in business since 1996 and have offices all over the world but the main office is in New York.

For advertisers LinkShare helps you find and retain new customers. Their skilled staff and excellent technology will help you generate the leads that you need and turn those leads in to revenue for you.
For publishers LinkShare matches you with advertisers that will help make your site successful and increase your payouts. They have the greatest tracking software and support in the industry. Affiliate marketing doesn’t get better than this.
LinkShare is dedicated to developing the best technology for lead generating and tracking. They are industry leaders and are setting the mark for other companies. LinkShare is a great company to be affiliated with whether you are an advertiser or a publisher. This is a great company to help you make money online. Affiliate programs can be a great resource if you choose the right one.
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