Pay Per Click Programs

When you are choosing a way to make money online with affiliate networking or affiliate programs you will find that there are basically three ways that you will get paid. There are pay per click, pay per lead and pay per sale programs. You need to decide after doing some research which type may be most lucrative for your website.

When an affiliate program pays for a qualified lead they you are usually only responsible for getting a website visitor to sign up for something or apply for something like a credit card. Even if they are not accepted or do not purchase anything you are still paid because you got the visitor to do the qualifying action.
Pay per sale works differently than the pay per lead. The pay per sale is only based on actual sales that you generate for the merchant. Some merchants will pay a flat fee (for example $50 per sale) or they may pay a percentage of the sale (for example 3% of total sales). In many cases the flat rate for pay is more lucrative but if you are confident that you can generate more in sales then the percentage is the way to go. Some merchants will even provide links that will track your sales either way. You really need to crunch the numbers and see what works for your website.
Pay per click is different than the pay per sale and the pay per lead. Pay per click affiliates are often paid much less but generally all you are asked to do is to get people to click. The tracking identification then keeps track of how many clicks you have generated and you are paid based on results. If you are confident that you can get people to visit a particular site for whatever reason then this is a great option for your website.
For pay per click affiliate marketing we suggest the Pay Per Click List.
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