Choosing a Domain Name Extension

In previous articles we have stressed the importance of securing a domain name that reflects something about your company, is unique, short and to the point. However, while this is vital to your website success and ultimately how well you do with an affiliate program or network you also need to consider what extension you will use for your website. Does this really matter? Yes! Some would argue that it is even more important than your actual domain name. Here we will discuss some things to take into account when trying to decide.

  1. See if the top level domain you want is available. This would be something like Depending on the nature of your business find out if something is appropriate for you. If you are doing a website for a non profit business look for .org. These are not exclusively for non-profit companies but it helps. See what options a domain name finder gives you. Most services offer a tool to help you come up with some viable options.
  2. When you do find the right name for you snatch it up. Domain names are registered on a first come first serve basis. No one is going to hold it while you think about it and get a warm fuzzy.
  3. If you are into ecommerce perhaps consider .biz as your extension. If you are involved in a cooperative try .coop, for technical sites try .net, for information based sites try .info.
  4. If you know your business will grow and take in customers from other countries you may want to buy your domain name with the country extensions in advance so that you have them secured and in place when you do expand and you are not at risk of losing them.
  5. You may want to secure domains that look like yours or are just one typo away so that your customers end up at your site even if they misspell a word by one letter. This will also prevents someone from having a site similar to yours with a similar domain name.
For great domain name registration visit Godaddy! They offer the best tools around and they have the tools to help you come up with domain names that work for you as well as the chance to buy domains in bulk to suit your needs and save you money.
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