E-Book Affiliate Programs

Ebooks have grown in popularity in the last few years and they just keep becoming more sought after. Ebooks are wonderful in that when a consumer is looking for information immediately they don’t have to wait, they just order and the ebook is delivered electronically. Not only is this easy and cost effective but it is eco-friendly.

Another reason why ebooks are growing in popularity is because authors no longer have to wait for big publishing companies to fall in love with what they have written to help them publish and market the item. Ebooks are very cost effective for the writer and it lets the writer share their work with the world just as soon as it is written and formatted. This cuts down the time so that if the writer chooses a topic relevant for today it doesn’t take two years to hit book shelves.

Depending on what affiliate program you choose to go through your pay out can be anywhere from 10% to 50% of each sale. Authors love this because they aren’t paying the huge fees to large publishers and bookstores and the overhead cost is as low as it gets.

The key to success with ebook affiliate marketing is to be as convincing as possible. If you have readers who think they can find the same information at no cost then you have lost them. You have to make them believe that they really do need the information that the ebook has.

If you would like to try this niche of affiliate marketing you can sign up for any number of ebook affiliate programs. Commission Junction has a few programs that you may like.

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