Keyword Density

For best search engine optimization as well as PageRank you will need to have a good understanding of keyword density and what it means for your website. Keyword density is calculated by taking the keywords of your site and dividing that by the number of total words. This would really not be done on the whole site but page by page, relevant to each topic you are covering. You can see where this is necessary. If you are an affiliate that is doing a review of a product or service then you will want to use keywords that are relevant to what you know people are searching for and that will lead them to you.

Keyword density has been a factory in SEO for a while now and because of that you can find many free online tools to help you calculate your keyword density so that you don’t have to count words and hunt and peck for the keywords to do the mathematical equation needed. These free sites do the work for you and are a valuable tool.
For those that don’t understand exactly what a keyword is you could just summarize it as the words that people (the general population) are searching for and when you use it in repetition it becomes the focus subject matter of your website by search engines. Different search engines are looking for different things in keywords so it is good to check up on what they want. Also, what the different search engines are looking for in keywords can change periodically so it is good to stay on top of the game by always checking in or subscribing to the search engine newsletters to stay abreast of what you need to do to stay relevant.
It is important to realize that sometimes with keywords less is more. Or it may be better to say that there is a delicate balance of keywords. You don’t want so many that your site is in your face, hard to read and is accused of “keyword stuffing” which will NOT help you in your search engine placement or PageRank. A good rule of thumb is to focus on unique content (never copy from another site) and stay tuned into your visitors or potential visitors and what they are looking for. The keywords will fall into place and you will not be accused of over doing it.
Another important point is that keyword density is just one aspect of search engine optimization. As with any marketing, no matter your business, it is dangerous to put all of your eggs in one basket. Be sure to focus on other realms of marketing as well. Give each the attention that they need and you will have found the recipe for website success. The visitors will come to you and you will be on your way as a successful affiliate!
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