Redundant Web Hosting

Redundant web hosting may sound like it has a down side but in reality it is a great thing. When you are choosing a web host this is a great feature to look for because if you have an online business and can’t afford any downtime this element is crucial.

When we talk about redundancy it is important to have some knowledge of how the Internet works. The Internet is a bunch of computers all connected together. It is basically a vast network and if it is not reliable there can be problems. If you can imagine it, it is like a big family tree of networks. You computer connects to a server which then connects to a larger server and so on until it reaches servers worldwide.
Deciding on a web hosting company can be challenging but some may wonder if going with the “small town” company versus the big name company is a good decision. Let’s just say that in redundancy you want to go with the big name that will probably have servers closer to other servers so that things run fast and are more reliable. The difference is that smaller companies are usually only connected to servers by one or a few smaller lines. With larger companies they have more than one line and they are able to handle much more traffic. So, if one line goes down the others pick up the slack. Thus, you don’t miss any traffic because of this reliability.
While it is wonderful to support hometown small businesses, if you have one of your own, you need to look out for yourself. You need hosting that uses several ways to connect to the Internet through lines and networks. This means that unless every single thing fails you, you have hosting.
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