Why Start an Affiliate Program?

Maybe you aren’t really sure what an affiliate program is. Or how an affiliate program works? Maybe you just aren’t sure how having an affiliate program would help you in your business. Internet marketing has become one of the most prevalent and effective methods or marketing. If you have an online business but are having a hard time getting word out about it and seeing the traffic and sales that you were hoping for. An affiliate program may be the perfect solution for you.

Ever thought that you just need an army of people out there spreading the word for you about your business website? There are only so many contacts that you can make on your own in a day. But if you had 10 or 100 or 1,000 or more people telling others about your business website and your products, imagine what an enormous difference it could make for your business and ability to make money online.

Essentially that is why you start an affiliate program. You pay people either a flat rate or a commission on every sale that they send your way. They will place a link or a banner on their site advertising your site. Then every time someone goes from their site to your ecommerce site, and buys something, you pay them. Now you suddenly have tens, hundreds, possibly thousands of people telling others about your site and product.

Synopsis of benefits of having an affiliate program:

  1. Boost Your Website Traffic: Affiliates place links and banners with your URL, this increases the chances of people visiting your site.
  2. More Incoming Links: The more affiliates you have, the more links to your site which results in #3
  3. Higher Page Rank: This means you have better search engine positioning – more people can find your site.
  4. More Sales: The more people that visit the site, the more sales you will get.
  5. Better Name and Website Awareness: You aren’t trying to tell everyone about your business yourself, you now have a whole army of people helping you.

Some big name affiliate programs in the web hosting industry include:




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