Share Results Affiliate Review

If you have been thinking about utilizing an affiliate program, you may have noticed that there are more than a few to choose from. Share Results has created an affiliate marketing software that is completely customizable for any business. Their program offers useful solutions, including fraud detection, marketing tools, and easy commission tracking. When shopping for the right affiliate software for your business, Share Results is a viable option that should be considered.

From the moment you log into an account with Share Results, you will get up to date statistics that can show you your top performing affiliates, and any daily activity that occurs with your management program. Any suspicious activity produces an instant alert, so you can detect fraud quickly. Plus, valuable statistics will help you identify which ad banners and promotional offers are producing the greatest number of clicks.

Share Results provides tools for marketing to your affiliates. Plus, their commission and incentive program can be customized to make everyone happy. Commissions can be structured by a percentage of the total sale, the number of referrals, or CPS (flat and tiered). All payments can be configured and managed through one easy interface.

Overall, the technical support offered by Share Results has been described as reliable and helpful. They provide useful insight about gaining participants and maximizing profits. Plus set up and management is user friendly. You can anticipate seeing major growth and expansion of the Share Results affiliate program in the near future. Visit their website for more details.

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