Primary Ads Affiliate Review

Primary Ads Affiliate program guarantees that you will make more money by using their services. They select each advertiser carefully, ensuring that the results will be there. Then, the ads are continually monitored to make sure that conversion rates stay successful. Overall, PrimaryAds appears to operate smoothly and accurately, using robust technology and offering quality service and support.

The payment structure for the Primary Ads Affiliate program has aggressive terms that provide you with maximum benefits. They pay weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly, to accommodate your needs. All of their affiliates are manages, tracked, organized, and paid using the DirectTrack program with real time statistics. Both the pay-per-click and cost per sale payment methods are provided as options for potential affiliates. However, affiliate websites are required to have a minimum of 100 page views/month and there is a $25 payment threshold.

With more than 200 campaigns in the PrimaryAds affiliate program, you are able able to partner with a company that offers products or services that are relative to your site. This means that success can literally just be a click away. Whether you operate a website that has thousands of views monthly or one with just over a hundred, you can earn extra income with minimal effort using the Primary Ads affiliate program. Plus, they provide quality support to their affiliates, promptly responding to any concerns and answering questions regarding commissions. Overall, Primary Ads seems to be a reputable company and an ideal source for extra income.

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