Websponsors Affiliate Review

Websponsors has found their niche as a Cost-Per-Action (CPA) affiliate program. Their cost-per-action revenue model pays affiliates for each lead that is generated in which the consumer clicks through, and completes a survey, accepts a trail offer, or makes a purchase. This differs from many other affiliate programs who pay their affiliates smaller commissions on a pay-per-click basis alone. However, this approach seems to be gaining results. Websponsors currently manages over 3,000 links, offering programs through 160 merchants. Overall, they appear to be an organized, efficient, and successful affiliate program.

With Websponsors, the average lead generated by your site will pay between $0.50 and $2.00. However, commissions as high as $50 to $75 per lead are being earned with some of their special offers. Plus, Websponsors programs are based on generating actual results instead of just clicks. This means that they work hard to build customized result driven programs, striving to place affiliates with ads that will generate the most leads.

On the other hand, there are couple of drawbacks with the Websponsors program. They do not produce real time statistics for their affiliates, but generate weekly updates instead. This can be frustrating to those who like to keep a close watch on their affiliate commissions. Also, since many of Websponsors commissions are based on generating an actual sale, affiliates may have to wait awhile longer to be paid. However, active accounts receive checks regularly on a monthly basis.

Overall, the feedback from participants in the Websponsors affiliates program seem to be very positive. The company has been described as easy to work with. Ads can be added or removed at anytime without penalty. Plus, the support staff at Websponsors is attentive and friendly.

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