ClickBank Affiliate Program Review

ClickBank has found their niche in the affiliate program industry by promoting the sales of digital goods. Their huge variety of product types are not commonly found on other networks. Plus, they allow affiliates to earn up to 75% commissions on certain advertisements. Overall, ClickBank seems to run a highly organized system. They combine commissions from all your promotions and provide frequent and reliable tracking and payment.

ClickBank is a reputable company that has been in service since 1998. With more than 12,000 digital product vendors, they are likely to match you with an ad that will produce prosperous commissions for your site. More than 26,000 digital transactions are processed through ClickBank each day, causing them to be ranked as one of the most highly trafficked sites online.

Commissions for Clickbank are paid weekly by check or direct deposit. ClickBank operates on a pay-per-sale basis, so whenever a digital product is sold, a share of the profit is tracked and paid by ClickBank. Since digital products are instantly delivered and received, there are no long waits for earned commissions. Overall, they produce more rewards for your efforts.

There are a couple of limitations pertaining to the ClickBank program. Some users get frustrated because although they can track the number of people who click on their promoting ad, they have no way of telling whether or not they actually purchase the download. In addition, some affiliates report that a few of the products promoted by ClickBank seem to be overpriced and of little value.

However, for the most part, ClickBank affiliates find success in earning extra income and are happy with the services. ClickBank’s online help center offers valuable tutorials on how get started as an affiliate and to maximize your earning potential. Overall, ClickBank is easy to use and and its free to get started.

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