Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs

With pay per click affiliate programs, you can earn extra income just by placing an ad or two on your existing website. Websites that draw substantial amounts of online traffic can act as an efficiently placed bulletin board, providing leads to all types of businesses that choose to advertise their links. For every lead generated, you may be entitles to a profit. Pay per click affiliate programs work with numerous advertisers, provide the banner or ad that is attached to your site, track your affiliate sales and cut you a check. It is easy money that requires little effort on your part.

Pay per click affiliate programs operate just as their name states. You are paid per every click that links someone to an advertiser. This varies from other affiliate payment models that may operate on a pay per action or pay per sale basis, in which the advertiser must generate some kind of revenue for you benefit. Commissions range greatly, depending on the type of advertisement. However, the average commission earned per lead is often between $0.40 and $2.00. High traffic sites can earn up to hundreds or even thousand on paychecks that come regularly.

Using a paid per click affiliate program is simple. It is usually free to join, and easy to get started. However, many affiliate programs require that you meet a threshold before you are eligible to receive payment. This means that a certain number of “clicks” must come from your site in order to make it worth their time to issue the check. For this reason, there is often a minimum amount of traffic that your web page must receive in order to participate. Overall, sites with numerous visitors can greatly benefit from pay per click affiliate programs.

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