Free Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs provide you with the opportunity to make extra money by advertising other websites on your web page. Many companies require that your site produces a certain amount of traffic, or visitors that will see the ad, in order for you to be allowed to participate. Generally, you are paid a commission on a pay per click or pay per sale basis for the advertising service you provide. The best affiliate programs usually provide this service for free.

The affiliate program sets you up with the ad, tracks your sales results, and generates the check. They act as a third party between you and the advertiser performing a fairly important job. However, affiliate programs usually take a certain percentage of the earned commissions before passing the rest onto you. They generally earn a fair amount of money and greatly benefit from the site owners who participate. Therefore, many affiliate programs do not charge any upfront or monthly fees.

If you are shopping for an affiliate program for the extra earning potential, you may want to do a little research. Some of them not only charge set up or monthly fees, but also throw in hidden fees for check processing, reports, and more. There is little sense in paying for these services when the company already earns part of your commission. Plus, it can be difficult to make a profit when fees are constantly being charged to your account. Overall, before agreeing to participate in an affiliate program, be sure to read the fine print and make sure that you will not be paying any unnecessary charges.

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