Educating Global Investors Affiliate Program

If you are interested in global investments but aren’t sure what to do or how to get involved, Educating Global Investors offers a 5-Course Global Plan that will teach you about the global markets and global investing. With more than 100 markets around the world, you have to have some education and guidance to get started. The 5-course Global Plan from Educating Global Investors will teach you what you need to know.

The first course is on Observation: understanding the news you read about global markets. Second you will learn Fundamental and Technical analysis: understand economic factors, price patterns and trends, and more. The third area will cover Cross-Currency: understand exchange rates and how fluctuations in currency value affects the global markets. The fourth area covered is Macroeconomics: this is an in-depth study of the economy and political events that will affect the global markets. Learn investment strategies for both Bull and Bear markets.  And last, Company Reports: learn to analyze a company’s income statement and balance sheet to help you make educated decisions about where your investments will pay off.

You can also join the Educating Global Investors affiliate program and earn money for every customer that you refer to their program. This affiliate program is a simple way to share investment knowledge with all your friends and associates. It is free to join, just fill out the simple form and they will assign you an affiliate number. Once you have your affiliate number, make sure that every student you refer puts your affiliate number on their enrollment form, to ensure that you receive your affiliate commission.

Educating Global Investors Affiliate Program details:

  • Earn $300 for every student/investor you help enroll into the Five-course Global Plan
  • Earn 10% for every investor you help receive the International Stock Reports Plan
  • Use your username and password on the affiliate site to enroll students, ensuring they are enrolled using your affiliate number
  • Receive your affiliate payments monthly
  • BONUS: Become a regional director and receive commission for any enrollment not containing an affiliate ID number

Visit the Educating Global Investors site to get started on your global market education and to start earning money from the Global Investors affiliate program.   CLICK HERE to visit Educating Global Investors, now!

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