Knowbody Knows: A Fun Guessing Game

Knowbody Knows is a fun guessing game that no one knows the answers to because the questions are all about you. This game is fun to play in any number of settings. Play at work to get to know co-workers, play at home to learn more about friends and family. Play it on a date to get to know your date better. This game can also be played as an online game for free.

Knowbody Knows has an affiliate program. With the Knowbody Knows affiliate program  you will make money for every game that is sold to someone who visits their site through a referral link from you. Here is what you have to do:

  1. Visit the Knowbody Knows site
  2. Sign up for the Knowbody Knows affiliate program
  3. Put a banner link for Knowbody Knows on your site
  4. Every person that clicks your link and buys a game, earns you money
  5. You are paid $8 for every game purchased by someone you refer

If you have ideas for a banner that will work for the audience that visits your site, just let them know and they will create a special banner for you! The more people you can get to click on your banners, the more money you will make. This game never gets old and you will always have fun new questions to ask. Some examples:

  • “How many hours a month does your Dad spend ‘on the can’?”
  • “How many times did you laugh out loud last year?”
  • “How much did your best friend spend on alcohol last year?”
  • “On a scale between 1 and 1,000, how flirtatious is your sister?”

The questions, possibilities and laughs are endless. Use the link below to visit Knowbody Knows today and start making money online!

Knowbody Knows

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