The Smart Partners Affiliate Network

The Smart Partners Affiliate Network is more than just a single affiliate program. With the Smart Partner affiliate network you can join multiple affiliate campaigns with just one account. The Smart Partner affiliate network focuses on Entertainment businesses such as poker, casino, bingo, sport bettting, concert tickets, sprort events, multimedia offers, and more. If you have a website with related information in any of the above mentioned areas, this affiliate network may be the perfect opportunity for you to make money online.

All you have to do is fill out the simple, free enrollment form, wait for approval, then log in to your control panel to pick the campaigns that you want to participate in. The Smart Partners will supply you with all the text links and banner ads that you will need to promote whichever products you choose. Then simply add the links or banners to your website, or send them out through email. When someone clicks on any or your ads and then purchases something, you get paid!

The Smart Partners have an advanced tracking system that includes both cookies, IP address matching and cookie-less tracking methods to make sure that you are credited for every sale that you send their way. The entire process is automatic, so you never have to worry about tracking your sales or making sure your referrals give them your id or affiliate name or anything like that. Your payments will be paid out monthly, generally between the 15th and 25th. You choose if you want your payment made to you through PayPal or Webmoney.  Follow these 6 simple steps and get started today:

  1. Go to Smart Partners and click Affiliate Sign Up
  2. Fill out the form and wait for approval
  3. Login to your control panel and choose offers you wish to join
  4. Choose the promotional materials you want to use
  5. Place ads on your website
  6. Receive monthly commission for every sale you refer

Visit Smart Partners to Get Started Today!

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