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If you are looking to start an affiliate program for your business, the most important part of this process is finding the right affiliate software. 100 Best Affiliate Programs recently did a Post Affiliate Pro review and found that the Post Affiliate Pro affiliate software is one of the best in the industry. We will take a minute to review some of the features and options that they have available and give you a discount coupon code to save you money! Some of the affiliate software features are unique to the Post Affiliate Pro affiliate software, giving them a leading edge over their competition. Click the link below and enter discount coupon code: V5-45K2D45X44 to save 5% off the already low price of just $199.

Let’s preview some of the Post Affiliate Pro affiliate software features:

User Interface –

  • Themes: having a theme that is easy to use and easy to read is essential. With the Post Affiliate Pro Blue Aero theme you will have a theme that looks and works much like a desktop application. Add a start button, menu, sidebar, gadgets and quick launch to make it very user-friendly.
  • Web 2.0 (Ajax): Post Affiliate Pro uses the most modern framework (GwtPHP) for the best communication between the client and server.
  • Customizable affiliate interface: easily customize your signup form and affiliate panel to fit in with the design of your company.
  • Multilingual: the Post Affiliate Pro software is currently available in 16 languages with new languages being added all the time.

Affiliate Features –

  • Forced matrix: allows for multi-level marketing. Setup your own structure for sub-affiliates to maximize your affiliates efforts to recruit new affiliates to your program.
  • Multiple merchants/administrators: this will allow you to manage your affiliates with multiple merchant users in the same affiliate program.
  • Mass payments: Post Affiliate Pro software makes it simple for you to pay all your affiliates at one time.

Campaign Features –

  • Commissions – commission is one of the most important parts of your affiliate program. With Post Affiliate Pro you can use multi level marketing with an unlimited number of tiers, set specific commission rates for different groups, provide performance rewards for your affiliates that have the best performance, setup action based commission so that when a specific set action takes place in your business affiliates will automatically earn commission, provide recurring commission for subscription or membership based sales, and add private campaigns that are only visible to selected affiliates.

Promotion Materials –

  • Post Affiliate Pro really stands out against the competition when it comes to promotion materials. Naturally you will have all the standard image banners, text banners, flash banners, html banners, and simple PDF but the options don’t end there.
  • Rebrand PDF: allows your affiliates to rebrand products, such as e-books, without any special tools.
  • Banner rotator: randomly rotates banners with probability defined for each sub banner.
  • Hover banners: image  banners that will be more prominent to allow for better exposure to your customers.
  • Site replication: allow affiliates to replicate a site with their own name or other personalization.
  • Coupons: use online and offline coupons with tracking to see where your business is coming from. Barcodes from offline coupons will be tracked to let you know where your business is coming from.

This is just a preview of some of the benefits you will receive if you choose Post Affiliate Pro affiliate software for your business affiliate program. Use our Post Affiliate Pro link (and discount coupon code) below to visit the official Post Affiliate Pro site to get complete details on all their affiliate software benefits and features. Don’t forget to enter our discount  coupon code: V5-45K2D45X44 to save 5% instantly. Post Affiliate Pro offers some of the best affiliate sales tracking systems and reports in the industry. Visit Post Affiliate Pro now for complete details.

Post Affiliate Pro Affiliate Software

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