Nero Affiliate Program

So you have a whole bunch of home videos of the cutest baby in the world, your very own little guy, and you want to make a DVD to send to his grandparents, aunts and uncles, and want to include a clip on your blog? You need Nero. Nero provides software solutions for creating, editing, burning and sharing digital media. Using their software allows you to create and distribute content anytime from any device. This allows you to enjoy and share audio and image data regardless of hardware or file format. The award-winning software solutions from Nero have been distributed more than 300 million times globally and are great for personal, business, and on-the-go projects.

Now that you are in-the-know about how great Nero is and why everyone can use it, you can get in on their success by joining the Nero affiliate program. The simple fact that the Nero products are all available as an instant download from the Nero site, at a special discount rate off the normal retail price, makes this the perfect product for affiliate marketing.  This is a great advertising incentive that can greatly increase your conversion rates and, as a result, commission payout.

The Nero Affiliate Program offers:

  • Increasing commission rates based on your sales volume: earn up to 20% commission
  • Incredible online deals to help increase immediate customer purchase
  • A huge selection of banner choices so you can find the right fit for your site
  • 45 day cookies – your customer looks but doesn’t buy until a week or two (up to 45 days) later? No problem! You are still credited for the sale

Do you already have an affiliate account with Commission Junction, Shareasale, or the Google Affiliate Network? You can sign up for the Nero affiliate program through any of these affiliate network sites. Marketing a brand like Nero, someone with huge brand recognition and high quality products, is a great way to make money online through affiliate marketing. Use our link below to visit the Nero site and find out more about the Nero company, products, and affiliate opportunities.

Nero Official Site

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