ProLeadsMedia Affiliate Network

ProLeadsMedia is an affiliate network that currently has more than 1,700 high quality campaigns. There are two different aspects of an affiliate network. 1. You have an affiliate program that you want to advertise and get people to sign up for. 2. You are looking to make money online through an affiliate program and want to be able to find valid, high-quality affiliate programs to join. ProLeadsMedia is a great resource for either.

To join as an advertiser you simply fill out an online form and agree to their terms and conditions. The startup fee for an advertising campaign on ProLeadsMedia is $50. The advertiser is also expected to pay a 15% transaction fee for every lead. This may be a good option for you to get your name out in front of a target audience that you are trying to reach. If you don’t have the means to do a lot of advertising on your own, you may want to join an affiliate network like ProLeadsMedia to advertise your affiliate program.

If you are looking for an affiliate program to join but don’t know where to start and don’t want to just join the first random affiliate program you come upon, ProLeadsMedia affiliate network may be the perfect solution for you. ProLeadsMedia is a network of valid affiliate advertisers. Advertisers have to agree to set terms and conditions, pay a fee, and pay a commission fee to ProLeadsMedia, if the company is willing to do this you know that they are going to stand behind their services and pay their affiliates.

The basic features you will enjoy if you choose to use the ProLeadsMedia affiliate network include:

  • Fully integrated simple setup postback
  • Real time tracking
  • Fast and reliable support
  • On Time Net 30 Payments Via Check or Paypal

With ProLeadsMedia you will have a reliable network to help you optimize the amount of money you can make online, whether it be as an advertiser marketing your business, or an affiliate making money by doing the advertising for the other companies. Visit the ProLeadsMedia site today and get started with your affiliate career.

ProLeadsMedia Affiliate Network

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