Quantum-Self Affiliate Program Review

Have you ever wondered what your brain is really capable of? Maybe you realize that it is capable of much more than what you are doing with it? Your brain is capable of all the same things a multi-billionaire’s or famous athlete’s is. Are you ready to learn how to use the power of your brain to improve literally every aspect of your life? Then it is time to check out Quantum-Self. Their purpose is to help you expand the incredible power of your mind in a way that will truly help you. Learn to train your brain waves to function in the way that will provide you optimal mental power and clarity.

Once you have seen the power and changes in your life and you are ready to share these incredible products with others, check out the Quantum-Self affiliate program. In this post we will review the Quantum-Self affiliate program to let you see how you can share the great news and make money online. If you aren’t familiar with how an affiliate program works, it is pretty simple. Once you sign up you will be given affiliate tools, such as email messages, banner ads, text links, etc. to promote the company’s product. Every time you refer someone and they purchase something, you earn a commission.

Let’s review the Quantum-Self affiliate program benefits:

  • Earn 70% commission on first level sales
  • Earn 10% commission on second level sales (sales made by affiliates that you sign up)
  • Additional 5-10% bonus commission for Super Affiliates
  • Sign-up link to recruit your own affiliates
  • Several free gifts
  • Facebook tips and sample messages
  • Series of promotional emails for success-seeker, biz builder, and self growth customer lists

It is simple and free to sign up, visit the Quantum-Self website to get started right away. Their affiliate program uses 3 year cookie tracking so if someone visits their site from your affiliate link and makes a purchase anytime within that 3 year period, you will receive credit for the sale. Your commission checks will be sent out on the 10th of the following month (there is a 30 day hold-back to accommodate any customer returns). You must meet the $50 threshold for payment to be made and all commissions are paid in US dollars.

Visit Quantum-Self today to get started on creating the best you and sharing the good news with others through their affiliate program. Enjoy all the benefits and make some extra money at the same time.

Quantum-Self Affiliate Program

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