GreenGeeks Web Hosting Affiliate Program

The GreenGeeks Web hosting affiliate referral program is one of the best web hosting affiliate programs we have seen.  Affiliate programs are becoming popular with many different types of businesses these days, but web hosting continues to be one of the top markets in successful affiliate marketing.  GreenGeeks, one of the best green web hosting providers, provides their affiliates with very good payouts for conversions.

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Why are affiliate programs within the web hosting industry so popular, and successful?  Web hosting affiliate programs allow web hosts to provide their customers with cheap web hosting products by reducing their advertising costs.  Let’s face it, purchasing advertising and marketing can cost thousands and thousands of dollars a year.  Whereas, by having a web hosting affiliate program companies like GreenGeeks can pay their affiliates $50-$100 a per referral and still pass on savings to their customers.  Plus, they are not tossing money into advertising they may never see a return on.  They have already gained a customer prior to paying out their commission to the affiliate.

GreenGeeks has recently come out with a new tiered affiliate commission structure.  This new structure allows affiliates to earn up to $100 for signing up new web hosting customers, based on how many sales within a calendar month.  Signing up for the GreenGeeks affiliate program doesn’t cost the affiliate a dime, it’s completely free and only takes a few minutes to sign up.  Once you sign up GreenGeeks gives you a personalized tracking code to identify the visitors you send.

Once you receive your GreenGeeks login you can sign into your administration login and be able to:

  • View click-throughs of your links
  • Track your commission payouts
  • Gain access to a variety of banners to use on your site
  • Download your personalized tracking code.

With GreenGeeks web hosting affiliate program there is no need to wait for affiliate tracking reports to be sent to you, you have the ability to login and track them whenever it is convenient for you.

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