Email Marketing vs. Blogging

Email Marketing vs. Blogging – In this article we compare email marketing vs. blogging in terms of marketing. Find out which type of marketing would work best for your marketing purposes. Also see how email marketing and blogging compare to SMS text message marketing.

Email marketing and blogging as a marketing strategy serve very different purposes. Matching up the purpose to the medium is a key element of successful marketing in an era in which there are so many marketing streams available.

What Is Email Suitable for in Terms of Marketing?

Email is generally used by businesses for announcing things that are new, different, or about which the customer may have been unaware, as well as for customer service and confirmation of orders.

When used for advertising, emails may be combined with specially designed web pages, which the customer can reach by clicking a link on the web page, as well as images and videos. Email may also be the delivery method of a business’s newsletter, which may, in fact, simply be a glorified email using a design template, color and other branding elements, including the company logo, and a set layout of information and links to other media streams that the company has.

When used for customer service, email may work in tandem with an online form that categorizes the customer’s concerns or with Live Chat. The company may also provide an email address that allows customers to initiate customer service contact through email, including photographs or other documentation (scanned documents, for example) as necessary. Other companies will not accept attachments, but will allow customers to upload documents to a special ftp site. There are different practices in this regard, and customers may not be clear on which methods to use with a new company until they are in a situation in which they need support. There may also be separate channels for customer support vs. technical support.

When used for order confirmation, an email may provide a link to a tracking page either within the company sending the product or with the carrier responsible for delivery. Email confirmations may be supplemented with or supplanted by SMS text messages, depending on the business.

What Is Blogging Suitable for in Terms of Marketing?

Although, according to a NYTimes article on February 20, 2011, the use of blogs is waning among the young, its use as a means of business marketing continues. Extended descriptions of interesting facets of the business, decisions about direction, background for shoppers, and explanations of the value of various products and/or services are all topics that can be touched on in a blog because the length is suitable for this type of discussion, which would not really seem to be a good fit for an email and would not fit in a tweet or Facebook Post

But here, there is a lot of tie-in. A blog post may be posted on a mobile, as well as a standard website, for easy access by mobile devices. It is often announced via a tweet, a Facebook post, and an SMS text message, and comments—which allow customers and potential customers to interact with the business—may be uploaded via email, directly on the site, and/or through mobile devices. Most blogs provide the ability to sign up with an RSS feed.

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