Marketing Tips for Law Firms

Marketing tips for law firms sometimes varies from other businesses or legal services.  As an attorney or lawyer choosing the best marketing for your business can determine a level of success. Keep reading for tips on marketing your legal services or law firm.

Law Firm Marketing in the 21st Century

While some law firms may be able to gain sufficient clients on word of mouth, others may find that they need to use marketing to meet their goals. Fortunately, the new media for marketing provide opportunities that allow law firms to showcase their expertise, effectiveness, and personal service to clients.

Law Firm Marketing Tips

Here are some tips for using new media to market your law firm:

  • Websites—A website can bring attention to your firm, clarify its focus to prevent contacts looking for services you don’t offer, and—if you wish—have a page for each attorney on staff to highlight his or her special areas of expertise, number of years in practice, and other pertinent information about their records.
  • Google Places—Each business—including law firms—can create a page for Google’s local search, providing an easy, free way for you to spread your contact information and a map or your location and, if you add them, a photo of your office, your hours of business, and your website address.
  • Directories—Adding your firm’s information to legal directories, both online and in print, can assist people in finding your law firm.
  • Articles/Blogs—Legal articles on general information that will help potential clients and generate enough interest that they’ll call you when they next need something more than general information can be displayed on a section of the firm’s website or in a blog. Additionally, if a blog is used to comment about current news related to legal issues—new legislation, Supreme Court rulings, or other topics of interest, people may find your firm while searching on a range of other topics, bringing you to the attention of a new audience.
  • PPC Advertising—If you need to increase business, pay-per-click ads are worth considering
  • Social Media—Judicious use (pun intended) is important here. You don’t want to appear frivolous; you do want to appear savvy and accessible. A Facebook business page is a good and unobjectionable place to start.
  • SMS text messages—For current clients, text messaging can offer a quick way to get in touch for immediate assistance for clients who need your help right now. It skips the telephone message with the “press 1 for . . . press 5 for . . .” during off hours and allows immediate contact in emergencies. If you provide keywords for different situations on your business card, you can immediately know the nature of the emergency, and provide both an immediate prepared response as well as an immediate call back.
  • Press releases—Letting the business editor of the local paper(s) know when you hire a new attorney or when a lawyer with years of service retires is a non-controversial way to keep your name before the public.
  • Phone book—Since some people still use the phone book, it’s still worth considering the larger advertisement that makes your firm stand out from the one-line listings.
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